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In times of social distancing, the tradition of standing at the bar to order drinks is no longer possible.


Are you worried about how to manage the table service in your bar? Are you thinking that you will need to dramatically increase your staff, just to handle the influx of customers and worrying about how this will affect your business?

How Does It Work



ServiceTag has many features for the customer such as

  • Repeat ordering
  • The ability to add notes
  • Add tips which are automatically calculated
  • A basket is available at all times so can easily change the order before it is placed.
  • Placing an order automatically sends it via Wi-Fi or the Internet and it will appear on the bar staff fulfilment system.
  • Your member of staff then takes payment from you when serving the drinks.

How does it work?

  • Customers walk into your bar, take a seat at the table and download the app.
  • Using GEOlocation, the ServiceTag app locates the bar.
  • Customer enters the number of the table they are sitting at and are then presented with a range of product types and prices.
  • A basket is available at all times so they can easily change the order before it is placed.
  • After placing an order, it is automatically sent to the bar staff fulfilment system.
  • Your member of staff then takes payment from customers when serving the drinks.


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How much does ServiceTag cost?

That’s the beauty of ServiceTag. Apart from a single installation fee of £200, there is nothing to pay afterwards.


Similar to a mobile phone, you top-up ServiceTag then 10 p is deducted from your account for each order taken.


Have integrated an automatic 10p table charge for each order taken, so it costs you nothing.


Furthermore, you can change the default Table Charge to whatever you like and that is simply added to the basket.

What are the benefits of ServiceTag?

  • Customers can self-order allowing you to have the same staff levels that you would
    normally have behind the bar.
  • Customers are served in time order; there is no feeling of being left out because you
    are at the table furthest away from the bar.
  • Features like ‘order the same round again’ produce larger sales.
  • The system runs on any standard phone or tablet so you do not have to purchase expensive
    additional hardware.
  • The system runs via Wi-Fi or mobile phone network meaning that you can place an order no matter where you are on the premises


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Hundreds of bars have already started using the ServiceTag APP, so don’t get left behind.

Contact us on info@servicetag.co.uk and start using the ServiceTag App today.


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The first allows the bar/restaurant manager to

  • Set up a menu of drinks and food with prices etc
  • It also receives the orders from customers so that they can be allocated to the kitchen, serving staff etc
  • The system also enables the manager to check that the order has been completed and paid for

The second enables service staff to

  • Take orders
  • Confirm delivery of existing orders
  • Confirm that the order has been paid for
  • Note that we will also be able to take payment directly through the app by the second half of July 2020

The third app is for the customer who can

  • View the drinks and food menu available
  • Make an order on behalf of his party
  • Confirm that the order has been fully delivered

Taken together the apps allow you to provide a perfect hospitality experience, whilst respecting the social distancing barriers at this time of Covid 19.


App in Action

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